e-tron GT Family

Hero - etron GT

Ideas start the future.

Pure emotion is something more than words alone can express. Technical brilliance is more than just performance data. True beauty is more than skin deep. Introducing the e-tron GT quattro and RS e-tron GT, our idea for the future. Starting at $129,900 MSRP.

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e-tron GT quattro

A modern day demonstration of progress. Its aerodynamic design and gran turismo concept are an irresistible combination.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.

RS e-tron GT

An electric car worthy of the legendary badge. The RS e-tron GT combines performance and progressiveness without compromise.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.

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The science of design

Depending on the driving situation, the aerodynamics can be actively adjusted, by way of two settings for the rear wing as well as the adjustable cooling air inlets at the front, to focus either on efficiency and range or on driving dynamics. Using the adaptive air suspension to lower the vehicle at high speeds also helps to reduce drag.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.

The formula of progress

Integrated into the flat underbody of the e-tron GT quattro, the battery offers extremely high performance for both charging and driving. The energy recuperation system has been adapted specifically to the agility of the Audi e-tron GT quattro, pairing efficiency and driver enjoyment.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.

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See, hear and feel

The unique e-tron sport sound adds a whole new dimension to electric mobility. A fascinating acoustic statement with adjustable intensity via Audi drive select – from subtle to sporty. The progressive character of the RS e-tron GT makes even more of a statement through a sophisticated and emotional sound experience.

European model shown. Specifications may vary.